Service Management Office

An office solution gives you a bird view on all ongoing processes or projects. It facilitates the follow-up and monitoring of multiple projects and allows economies of scale. Centralized supervising makes sure that specific tasks are being done at regular intervals.

The advantage of an office lies not only in the monitoring. It also enables you to steer or projects in the desired direction. Furthermore it can create more transparency by implementing the same types of reporting formats, sheets, templates etc. Finally it provides a framework for consistently managing projects and programs while ensuring projects are aligned with corporate strategies and goals.

With regard to our services in the field of Service Management for Business Technology we distinguish between Service Management and Service Support Offices.

The objective of a Service Office is to increase the visibility, coordination, awareness and the maturity of services. A Service Management Office (SMO) is controlling and directive whereas a Service Support Office (SSO) is supporting, measuring and reporting. Both types of offices are key to collect the necessary metrics in order to report back to higher management.

Xedis can assume three roles to help your organization to set up a Service Office:

  • Advisory: consultancy services to set up a Service Office
  • Delivery: set-up, perform and deliver as advised
  • As a Service: Xedis runs the Service Office for you