Improving quality while saving costs

We at Xedis believe that it is possible to augment service delivery levels even with decreasing budgets. To achieve these initially contradictive goals we have developed IT4Care. We developed this methodology in cooperation with experts in healthcare processes, sales and logistics, augmenting the service-ability of the Business Technology Organization, while reducing its cost.

The starting point for IT4Care was the observation that technology departments (e.g. ICT-organization) within healthcare organizations are often understaffed and have insufficient budgets to cope with the challenges they are facing. These challenges include:

  • EPD (Electronic Patient Dossier) selection, technical implementation, organization wide introduction dealing with management of change challenges, long-term operations and servicing

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device): Everyone bringing their own device to work, requiring all corporation applications to run smoothly on it

  • Security & Privacy: Is the information well secured? Are data integrity and privacy guaranteed?

With IT4Care we can tackle all these issues quickly and efficiently. In our best cases you can discover what IT4care can mean for your organization.