Portfolio, Program & Project Management

Xedis can assist your organization with various services in the PPPM domain. We have the resources with thePortfolio Management right competences and skills to make projects and programs successful. Xedis advices on the set-up of Project/Program offices, delivers the capabilities or can run a PMO/PSO as a service.

We have a clear vision on the three P’s that allows us to always keep focus on the ultimate goals and return for your organization. The ultimate challenge for PPP Management is found in an answer to the following questions:

  • Are we doing the right things in the right way?

  • Are we getting the right things done right in such a way that we get the benefits?


PPP Governance

Project: a structured set of activities aimed at delivering a defined capability (that is necessary but not sufficient to achieve a required business outcome) to the organization based on an agreed-upon schedule and budget.

Program: a structured grouping of interdependent projects that are both necessary and sufficient to achieve a desired business outcome and to create value. These projects can involve, but are not limited to changes in the nature of the business, business processes, the work performed by people, as well as the competencies required to carry out the work.

Portfolio: This is the grouping of 'objects of interest' (programs, IT services, IT projects, etc.) managed and monitored to optimize business value.

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