Our expertise

Xedis has experience in helping companies in the construction industry with their ICT strategy and operations. We can assist you in addressing the following concerns:

  • Accurate monitoring of the added value per project, business unit and subcontractor
  • Information sharing between marketing, sales, accounting and project staff
  • Cost-control, budgeting and planning tools
  • ERP-selection and -implementation + people change management

Transparent business processes are a basis to operate in an efficient, effective and flexible manner across the organization without barriers.

Trends and challenges

The construction sector faces many challenges that can partially be addressed with good ICT strategy and processes:

  • Decreasing margins and the need for cost cutting
  • Competition from foreign (Eastern-European and Dutch) companies at lower wage cost
  • BEN-regulation (Bijna Energie Neutraal Bouwen) and strict monitoring of energy efficiency
  • Shortage of highly-skilled workers and project leaders
  • Obligatory on-site identification systems for workers on large construction sites
  • Strong regulations and ever increasing administration for the follow-up of projects

Are you ready for these challenges? We have the experience to align the goals of your ICT-strategy with those of business. In the end you will benefit from more transparency in your processes and the feeling to be on top of things.

To learn more about how Xedis can help you in practice, please consult our best practice or contact us.