Referentie Service Management 2017

Xedis assisted one of the largest Container Terminal Operators in the harbour of Antwerp in its challenge to have Business-focussed IT Service Management with integrated Governance structures and processes.

Our Customer:

One of the largest container Terminal Operators in the world with a global portfolio of activities. This company loads and unloads containers of large shipping companies and to make them ready for transport by large vessels or inland transport. A safe, correct and quick service with minimal cost-of-movement are essential in the services of our customer.

What was the mission/challenge?

  • Replacement of the core IT Service Management Application (ITSMA) supporting the services for terminal-operations in the Belgian terminal, but also in other terminals within Europe, Middle-East and Latin America.
  • Set-up of a new performant service management system besides the current existing system.
  • Transitional guidance from the existing to the new system with management of change and continual improvement.
  • For our customer, Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA) of the services were crucial. Stability of the system had to be guaranteed 24x7.

How did we progress?

  • During the design-phase of the new system, all existing processes were optimised. Where necessary new processes were systematically added.
  • Focus on transparant and simple processes guaranteed efficient and secured information flow with sufficient control mechanisms.
  • A central focus-point was the simplificatino and uniformisation of the different diverging processes from an end-to-end point of view. This was mostly visible in automation, ticketing of the requests and back-office processes.
  • Using our continual improvement approach, we could focus the ITSM application towards maximum automation of the service management activities. This way, optimal flow through without interpretation of the users could be guaranteed.

What made the project extra challenging?

  • Multi-stakeholder approach: many internal involved parties in the handling process and other external customers using the system in the other terminals.
  • The transition from different ITSM-applications with a multitude of methods towards an end-to-end uniform entity.


  • A new system supporting the services
  • Systematic process revision
  • Co-piloting management of change and user acceptance
  • Revisioning services catalogue, systematic process reviews, service level management with timely problem avoidance, etc.

Customer testimonial

“Ik wenste geen consultants die mij alleen maar handboekkennis navertelden, maar ervaren en mature mensen die zich inleven in mijn zorgen en processen en die inzicht hebben in het grote IT plaatje van de service operations. Het inlevingsvermogen en de culturele match zijn voor mij grote troeven van onze consultant. Voor mij is zijn rol uitgegroeid tot die van een trusted advisor.”

“I did not want consultants repeating the content of manuals and best-practise guides, but experienced and mature people able to empathize in my concerns and our processes with insight in the bigger IT-picture of Service Operations. The ability to empathize and a perfect cultural match are the biggest trump of the Xedis’ consultant to me. The role of that consultant has therefor evolved into a trusted advisor.”