Management Consultants for Business Technology

Xedis provides management and process consultancy for ICT and Technology departments in multiple industries. Our services range from ICT governance, strategy making, management of change to operations and service management for Business Technology and portfolio and project management.

We support ICT and Technology departments in harmonizing operational processes with business goals. We help to make the right strategic decisions for project planning and thStrategy - chessboarde implementation of new technologies.

We differentiate ourselves through our mature staff with very strong analytical, strategic, technological and people skills and by our wide experience based on best practices.

Through sustained networking and life-long-learning we understand the concerns and future needs of your industry. In this way we can offer you a services portfolio that allows you to better respond to your business objectives. We are a specialist knowledge-intensive company familiar with the current concerns and future needs within your specific Business Area

We want to be the preferred partner in specific industries to leverage our business intelligence and experience. Therefore we focus on health care, energy and utilities, media, construction and government.