Xedis offers specific solutions (including specific methodologies) in order to tackle a range of challenges of your organization.

We like to see ourselves as your preferred trusted partner or personal guardian angel. Our solutions help to harmonize business with ICT and create customer delight.

A variety of methodologies and tools is at our disposal to tackle specific tactical and operational problems:

  • ANGEL for Management of Change

  • SSL for Shadow-Share-Lead approach

  • BTSM : ITIL-based Service Management for Business Technology

  • Prince-2, PMBok & SCRUM for Project Management

  • Managing Successful Programs (MSP) for Program Management

On these pages you can discover which solutions we offer to assess the maturity or business risks of your organization, how we help you to select the right ICT profiles and in which capacity we can help you to do so (ad-interim, assisting, in control etc.).