Our expertise

Xedis has many years of experience in the health care sector. Our expertise allows us to assist hospitals, (medical) care centers and retirement homes with sound advice and practical solutions. We can assist you in addressing the following concerns:

  • Selection, guidance and implementation of EPD
  • Drafting your ICT-policy
  • Strategic ICT-choices and their implementation in mergers
  • Maturity assessment
  • Project- and service oriented working
  • ICT-projects aimed at achieving accreditation

Xedis positions itself as a “guardian angel” to ensure full support of the business’ IT implementations. Our people-oriented approach facilitates the necessary organizational changes that are required in order for the business challenges to be realized.

Management of Change







Future trends and future solutions

Our tailor-fitted advice originates from profound knowledge of current and future challenges of the health care sector. We have listed major trends that will influence the strategic and operational choices of your ICT-department

  • Shortage of nurses and the effects on retention policies
  • Ageing/Greying of Europe
  • Pressure on social security
  • Increasing cross-frontier mobility of patients
  • Qualitative competition between hospitals
  • Rules, regulations and conformities
  • Mutual exchangeability of data and the related safety regulations
  • Internal exchange and cooperation?
  • Voluntary and forced mergers of hospitals

Our best practices can hint at what we can do for your organization in order to prepare it for these trends.

Xedis acronym

We have identified five major Business Change Drivers, eXellence, Externally, Development, Innovation and Strategic. Consult the subpages for more information.