IT Modernization

Xedis’ pragmatic approach towards IT-Modernization

Over time, the mission of the information technology (IT) organization has evolved. In the past, IT's main goal was to support the business by efficiently managing systems, improving service levels to users and continuously minimizing costs of operations. Today, we see an extra challenge of increasing the business-adding value by developing flexible capabilities.  This  to support growth, automating business processes, or facilitating mergers and acquisitions, where success is measured by how effectively IT can help the business seize opportunities and respond to new challenges.

In some organizations, expectations are even higher. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are increasingly expected to innovate and adopt new technologies to maintain or grow market share, reduce business costs and drive business profitability. While a certain amount of innovation is required in virtually every industry, for some, it's a matter of survival. In these industries, IT must differentiate the business by supporting new business models or creating new products or services through innovative solutions. This is what we call Business Technology.

IT organisations are faced with generation shifts in technology, business pressures and IT skills, and must close the gap between yesterday’s IT implementations and tomorrow’s IT demands.

In the new technology age, business is assuming fully integrated solutions, not a central ERP with some satellite solutions.  Legacy systems are expensive to maintain and are not agile enough to enable fast changing business demands. Strategic decisions have to be taken about in-sourcing/ co-sourcing/ outsourcing/ near-sourcing.

CIO’s are faced with following challenges:

  • Adapt to the digital world: How does ‘Internet of Things’ impact your business ?How can you use Big Data to your advantage ?Are you ready to cope with cybersecurity ?Do you need to move to Cloud solutions ?

  • Focus on IT simplification to reduce costs and accelerate time to market

  • Enable business agility

  • Replace legacy systems, as a consequence of new technology opportunities

  • Improve quality & efficiency of IT

With an extensive set of goals, CIO's must balance the equation among efficiency, effectiveness and innovation to achieve Business-Technology (BT) Harmonization.

IT modernization represents the changes that every IT organization must face as the generations of technology, skills and expectations are inevitably replaced with the next ones. Every enterprise must always prepare for the indisputable impact this will have.


Xedis is your Co-Pilot to realise the change

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