PSA  is één van de grootste containerbehandelaars ter wereld. De kost en efficiëntie (snelheid) van containeroverslag is een uiterst belangrijk element voor de klanten (bv. rederijen) om te kiezen voor een haven en behandelaar. Ten alle tijde moet voldaan worden aan de vereiste controleregulering en intense communicatiestromen. ICT speelt hierin een cruciale rol in de toegevoegde waardestroom.

Xedis assisted one of the largest Container Terminal Operators in the harbour of Antwerp in its challenge to have Business-focussed IT Service Management with integrated Governance structures and processes.

Xedis assisted one of its customers to introduce Business Service Management by implementing a Central Helpdesk and a self-service portal with a business oriented services catalogue.

We selected Xedis as our partner to guide us through the difficult process of selecting the appropriate supplier to outsource our complete data center infrastructure. With the help of Xedis and a number of internal experts, we managed to complete this process (from gathering requirements up to signing the contract with the preferred supplier) well within 1 year.

Xedis helped Constructiv to plan, implement and monitor the migration from the SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2016.

Xedis provided us the tools and experience to take our internal project and program management to a next level. they supported us in the streamlining and professionalization of our internal organization.

Xedis designed and implemented a business control center with the objective to be able to guarantee committed service levels to the business.

Xedis stepped in to provide operational excellence with a rational and pragmatic approach in line with the mission of T & I. Our goal was to raise maturity levels of T & I by reporting and applying improvements.

Xedis took on a wide variety of tasks on both a strategic as an operational level. We supported and advised Eandis’ management on how to implement the ICT governance cycle. Furthermore we paid special attention to the governance of ICT Compliances. Finally we provided expert advice on a multi-dimensional level and a variety of topics.

Xedis assisted Nationale Bank with establishing and documenting the network environment through tools that display the real-time situation. In this this way we could improve the transparency of operations of the network infrastructure for other teams that make use of the infrastructure.