Energy and Utilities

SMART meters

Local production, flexible tariffs and flexible consumption will become more and more important and will have enormous consequences towards the distribution of energy and metering business.
By using SMART meters, it becomes possible to anticipate on this fast changing world.

Both Distribution Grid Operators (DGO’s) EANDIS and INFRAX had, during the past year, pilot projects to install and test SMART meters.

FLUVIUS has been created and is a joined daughter of Eandis and Infrax.  The main objective of the company is the roll-out of the SMART meters (as of 1/1/2019) in Flanders and the management of data.

SMART meters are the basic components of SMART Grids, which allow better energy regulation, economical efficient, reduce energy losses and high quality performance.  This opens possibilities to develop innovative energy services, APPS, and new technology based on the availability of much more (anonym) data.

Our expertise

Since the liberalization of the Belgian energy market, Xedis has been involved in several projects/programs.

We helped Electrabel to address the operational challenges that liberalization posed to the market. In particular we were involved in the creation of the Meter Reading Company, later known as Indexis. Xedis helped the Meter Reading Company / Indexis with the organization of the IT department and its business-critical support processes. These processes were based on the ITIL framework.

Later on we participated in Electrabels program to create a New Retail Platform (NRP) based on SAP-ISU and we took the lead in the ETRM-program (Energy Trading and Risk Management program) for Electrabel GDF Suez. Next to this we also supported EANDIS both on the operational level with a number of projects as on the strategic level with redefining the IT-strategy.

Future trends and future solutions

Technological innovation and changes in politics can have a disruptive impact on the business model of the entire sector. Renewable energy, SMART, home generation, grid capacity, energy storage, the nuclear exit, energy shortage and stronger regulation for CO²-emissions are just some of many challenges.

We can advise you on how to act and re-act effectively in different parts of the value chain ranging from generation over distribution and transport to Sales.

Xedis has wide experience and expertise in the Energy and Utilities sector and continues to use its insight sector knowledge to provide efficient IT solutions for current and future challenges. Consult our best practices for more insight!