Our expertise

The Flemish Government has recently announced that by 2020 all administrative transactions between (local) authorities and citizens will be digital. The transition to a complete environment of E-Government will pose enormous challenges to government organizations. In essence, governments are starting to behave as service-oriented companies. It is evident that they will face similar transition and adoption problems. We have the experience and expertise to assist your organization in this change process. Our references include the National Bank of Belgium, Partena and ASTRID.

Future Trends

The Directorate General for Information Society and Media of the European Commission identified major changes that will also impact your organization:

  • Rapid technology changes and ever-higher expectations from government service level (E-Government)
  • Cost-cutting for administration and the need to provide quantum improvements in services (motto ‘twice as good, in half the time, for half as much’)
  • Peaking transnational mobility

To address these challenges it stressed the importance of:

  • Fitness‐for‐use in multiple applications, multiple government levels, multiple sectors, public and private sectors – to achieve critical mass
  • Simple, standardized and interoperable technological infrastructures – to enable administrations to benefit from economies of scale and ‘plug and play’ capabilities
  • Security – to build the levels of trust that underpin adoption
  • Usability – to foster ease‐of‐use and the overall attractiveness of enablers to use

Are you ready for these challenges? Xedis can help you in the process of changing your service architecture to meet these future challenges.