Key Topics

Outsourcing management kit

Outsourcing can help firms to perform better in their core competencies and to mitigate shortage of skills or expertise in specific areas. It can offer greater budget flexibility and control since it lets you pay for only the services you need, when you need them.

Xedis can help you to make the right choices in the decision process of insourcing vs. outsourcing. Based on our own experiences and best-practices in consultancy we have developed a hands-on and easy-to-use management-kit with process-maps, templates, and practical advice. Our management-kit enables you to make the right decisions and allows you to prevent common pitfalls. Our management-kit covers topics and questions such as:

  • Strategic decision of outsourcing

  • What to outsource ?

  • Outsourcing / co-sourcing / near-sourcing / cloud-sourcing

  • Who are the outsourcers ?

  • How to start outsourcing ?

  • How to manage outsourcing ?

    • SLA's
    • Penalties?
    • Partnerships
  • How to insource again ?

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