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Company description

Constructiv is a federation of five service organizations for the construction industry. These organizations represent both employers’ organizations as labor unions. They focus on topics such as prevention, safety, education, welfare, social security and pensions for the construction industry. Through its brand image and its initiatives, Constructiv wants to improve the image of the construction industry to workers and the general public.

Role of our team

Xedis was asked to prepare a pragmatic startup for project management, starting from the current situation. The objectives were clear: to improve transparency, efficiency and reliability of the processes. First we prepared and implemented the basic service processes in the fields of Incident & Problem Management, Change & Release Management and Request Fulfillment. These service processes were adapted to the needs and expectations of Constructiv. In a next step we formulated strategies to encourage the internal IT staff to support a shared collective way of working.

Management of change is no exact science. Our consultants’ people skills and the ability to blend in the organizational culture were an important catalyst for the successful adoption of new processes and guidelines.

In the following we give an overview of the variety of tasks we performed and the roles we assumed:

  • Mapping the current way of working of the various IT teams (organization and interaction between teams and processes). This included an assessment of the:

    • Helpdesk
    • System management
    • Application management

    • External ICT providers

    • Overall Maturity check

  • Analyzing the needs and expectations of ICT to collaborate in the future in an efficient, effective and flexible way. We looked at e.g.:

    • Redaction
    • Project approach to optimize ICT operation
    • Short and long-term approach (ICT optimization roadmap - including management of change)

  • Design and introduction of the basic ITIL processes Constructiv ICT - Maturity check - Improvement Points. This included:

    • Incident & Problem Management

    • Change & Release Management

    • Request fulfilment

  • Development and implementation of a framework (contract template) for ICT providers in the context of projects and release management.

  • Integration of these processes with the current internal tools.


Through our pragmatic start-up of project management we improved transparency, efficiency and reliability of the processes.

We gave ICT management more overview and control over processes in alignment with business goals. We introduced uniform processes that resulted in more efficient, effective and flexible operations horizontally across the organization. (Business ICT External Service Providers.) We facilitated the implementation of the ICT roadmap and provided tools to execute and report to all stakeholders, including the board.

Our people-oriented approach resulted in broad support for the new processes and technologies among all stakeholders. Management of change is essential to ensure the harmonization of business and ICT.

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