Reference Eandis Governance

Company Description

Eandis operates in 234 Flemish municipalities and carries out the operational tasks for the distribution network operators. Eandis operates totally independently of the energy generators and suppliers. Eandis does not itself generate or sell any energy, rather it ensures that the electricity and natural gas reach our homes and businesses in the best possible conditions.

Role of the team

Xedis took on a wide variety of tasks on both a strategic as an operational level. We supported and advised Eandis’ management on how to implement the ICT governance cycle. Furthermore we paid special attention to the governance of ICT Compliances. Finally we provided expert advice on a multi-dimensional level and a variety of topics such as:

  • IT architecture & Strategy & Quality (Coaching & Consultancy)

  • Coach / Consultant Strategy (Knowledge)

  • Change Management (Management of Change)

Xedis also took a coordinating and guiding role in the implementation process of the IT-100-P.

Our expertise and our experience with management of change in large organizations enabled us to achieve the determined deliverables. The people skills and pragmatic and diplomatic attitude of our consultants certainly contributed to this success.


At the end of the project we presented a new ICT governance strategy document which was well received on both operational as executive level. We secured the essential guiding operations and processes within an organization that is constantly evolving, changing, and undergoing changes. Finally we contributed to more harmony between ICT governance, Quality and other business domains such as Regulation & Strategy, Corporate Governance and Organization Management.