Referentie Partena

Company Description

Partena Group is mainly known as one of the leading health insurance funds in Belgium. In this capacity it carries out the reimbursement of medical costs and the payment of replacement incomes. But Partena is not only a health insurance fund. Partena Ziekenfonds & Partners (health insurance & partners) focusses on people who are busy with their work, family, hobbies, sports etc. Partena offers these people additional services and benefits in order to give them more time to enjoy their life to the fullest.

Role of the team

Xedis assisted Partena in converting the payroll engine from the old mainframe system to a new .NET system. Xedis was responsible for the change and release management of the new system.

The program was divided into several sub-projects that were to be delivered in several stages. First delivery took place around mid-2014. After that a delivery of a phase was planned every three months. More than 100 people have been working on the program for over two years.

Xedis took on the role of change and release manager. In our role as change manager we took care of the set-up and follow-up of the change process. Our senior consultant was also chairman of the Change Advisory Board (CAB). In our role of release manager we did the set-up of the new release process and took care of the follow-up and made improvements where needed.

Both the change and release processes were based on ITIL, but adapted to the needs of the customer. As tools, TFS and EA are used.


As change and release manager our main objective was to successfully help the project successfully move through build and test environments to a production environment in a scheduled and predicted manner. This proved to be key to a smooth and efficient transition.