SD Worx

Company description

SD Worx VZW provides a wide range of services including payroll, HR, fiscal & legal services in EMEA, the US and Canada. SD Worx employs more than 3.600 employees and serves more than 60.000 customers in wage calculation, training, HR research, social-legal support, fiscal & HR related consultancy, specialized software for HR departments and local support. With the recent acquisition of Ceridian UK and Ceridian Ireland in June 2016, SD Worx underlines its ambitious international growth strategy and further strengthens its market position.

Role of our team

Xedis has been asked to assess the way projects are executed.  Based on an assessment, Xedis has proposed an improvement plan.  Together with SD Worx priorities have been defined  and quick wins identified.  The improvement plan was executed under a program called PROSPER.  The scope are the divisions Large Enterprise, Consultancy, Global Services & Solutions (GSS) and Local Services & Solutions (LSS - SD Worx subidairies).  The objectives of the program are:

  • Increase the transparency and the cost efficiency of all projects in the organization

  • Increase the maturity of project management in the organization

  • Increase delivery-to-promise


The project for XEDIS started mid 2014, with the assessment and definition of the improvement plan. During 2015 the new project/program methodology has been defined  and published on sharepoint and rolled-out within Large Enterprise and Consulting.  In the second half of 2015 a bid management methodology has been established, which was rolled-out in 2016 in Belgium and in the Global (GSS) organization.  End 2016, beginning 2017 the roll-out has started in the SD Worx subsidiaries (LSS): Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, UK  and Germany.

As a result, more bigger and complex business has been won (cfr. Persopoint) and the projects were managed in a structured and profitable way.  The maturity of PM is growing and allows further international growth.  The project dashboard provides ExCom with a transparent view on the status of projects/programs.

Customer testimonial

Nathalie Girsemilh, PMO Manager SD Worx

Xedis provided us the tools and experience to take our internal project and program management to a next level. they supported us in the streamlining and professionalization of our internal organization.

Strong point in the execution were the hands on approach of Xedis tailored to our organization. Their consultants understand our strategic objectives and supported the translation of these objectives in program deliverables and operations.