Project & Program Management Frameworks

In essence, setting up a project management framework (PMF) is about setting up a strategy to align project goals better with business goals. If planned and managed properly, IT projects will be a key driver in reaching your business goals.

Every project is different and dependent on many contextual variables. Nevertheless, the project cycle typically contains four similar phases: startup, planning, execution and completion:

  • Startup: Communication between business and IT is essential in the kick-off phase.
  • Planning: Project goals and objectives are defined both quantitatively and qualitatively and the necessary resources are identified and made available.
  • Execution: A continuous follow-up of the project enables us to measure KPI’s. Procedures are adjusted where necessary so that all targets are reached.
  • Completion: Transition of the project from a project environment to a service management environment.

With Xedis on your side, you can be sure of a smooth transition from the project environment to the service management environment. We can guarantee this because we are confident of our extensive people management skills and our capability to bridge cultural gaps – which are essential success factors. In our experience, two aspects are essential to successful project delivery being knowledge transfer from the developing environment to the service management environment and maximal customer acceptance.

Our experience with various best practices allows us to plan your projects strictly, whilst still being prepared to swiftly adapt to unforeseen circumstance within the crucial stages of a project life-cycle.

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